Joseph Mankiewicz on the set of “Guys & Dolls”

A lovely, colorful and neon-filled photo of Joseph Mankiewicz, mainly known for his work on All About Eve (1950), The Barefoot Contessa (1954) & Cleopatra (1963).  He is here on the set of  his musical “Guys & Dolls” (1955), a lesser-known work of his. Although Sinatra wanted the lead role all to himself that eventually went to Marlon Brando, he also stars with Jean Simmons & Vivian Blaine. And yes, Brando actually sings in the film.

Here’s the photo of the director, Joseph Mankiewicz, sitting in a seat on a crane watching unseen activity during filming of “Guys and Dolls”. Check it out if you enjoy musicals, the Sinatra-Brando combination is a guaranteed winner ! 😀

All rights go to LIFE magazine, I am not the author of this image.

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