Tippi Hedren’s Look Magazine cover & how Alfred Hitchcock ruined her career, but not her life.

Tippi Hedren, star of The Birds (1963) & Marnie (1964), appeared on the cover of Look Magazine on December 4, 1962.  Strangely enough, she wasn’t all over the press, although these films, directed by Alfred Hitchcock, were and still are masterpieces.

Recently however, Hedren is part of an HBO movie called “The Girl”, a kind of dramatized version of Marnie. In it, Hitchcock is portrayed as obsessed with Hedren and vindictive when the actress rejects his advances. She had to fight to get out of her contract with Hitchcock and lost roles because of it, she said in an interview and it ultimately ruined her career, but not her life. 

I am not the author of this image. All rights go to Look Magazine and 2neat.com

Tippi Hedren on the cover of “Look Magazine”. 04/12/1962

NB – Stanley Kubrick, back in the 40s, was also a photographer for look magazine, check out his autoportrait published in1948, here.

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