A french adaptation of The Talented Mr. Ripley starring Alain Delon

To all you Alain Delon fans (and yes, I am one of you), maybe you have rediscovered some of his work as of late, thanks to his recent Dior ads and if you did, I hope you didn’t miss out on “Purple Noon/Plein Soleil” (1960) : the French adaptation of Patricia Highsmith novel “The Talented Mr. Ripley”. Rene Clement is the director. Other films to his credit are “Gervaise” (1956) & “Forbidden Games” (1952).
The film threw him into the spotlight and was then closely followed by his work on Visconti’s “Rocco & His Brothers” (1961). I honestly think it was one of the best performances of career, both playful and intense.  It received the seal of approval of the writer herself and enjoyed a pretty strong cult following.
Check out the film posters that sprang out from that era, all over Europe and…enjoy.

NB- Check out Alain Delon & Alain Verneuil, on the set of Le Clan des Siciliens (1969) here.


Plein Soleil (Purple Noon), UK poster, unknown artist

In Pieno Sole, Italian poster, unknown artist.

Plein Soleil, French poster, unknown artist

Purple Noon, USA poster, unknown artist

Plein Soleil, French poster, unknown artist

V Plenem Slunci, Czech Republic, unknown artist

Plein Soleil, Polish poster, artist: Bohdan Butenko

Nur die Sonne war Zeuge, German poster, unknown artist


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