Jean Seberg, at her prime, by Sam Levin.

You most likely know American actress Jean Seberg (1938-1979) as the lovely girl in Jean-Luc Godard’s film “A Bout de Souffle” (1960), who was waltzing down the street asking if anyone wants The NY Herald Tribune.
She also starred in Robert Bresson’s “Lilith” (1964) and the western-musical “Paint Your Wagon” (1969).
However,  Seberg was discovered dead in her car in Paris, apparently from an overdose of alcohol and drugs. One year later, her husband, writer and diplomat Romain Gary commits suicide as well.

This portrait was taken by Sam Levin while she was at her prime, in 1960. 

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Hanin aka Kinofrau: 27 and counting, Ph.D in Film Theory & Art History in progress, from the Middle-(B)east, a specter that haunts Europe, equal-opportunity offender.

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