Dennis Hopper, John Ford & John Huston in bed.

Dennis Hopper, John Ford & John Huston in bed together. By Viktor Skrebneski, 13 September 1971, Palm Springs, California. Dennis Hopper explains:
“John Houston (sic) and I were doing an ad for whisky with Victor Skrebneski. I asked Huston when was the last time he had seen John Ford. “I haven’t seen him in 20 years” he responded. So we decided to visit Mr. Ford in Palm Springs and take Victor with us. After talking for a while, I told Mr. Ford that I had gotten permission from his wife to get him into his wheelchair so we could take a photograph together. Mr. Ford replied, “Kid, you know what your problem is? You’ve got no sense of drama — because if you had a sense of drama you’d get in bed with me.”
Courtesy of Museum of Contemporary Photography. For a great photo shot by Dennis Hopper of Paul Newman click here

dennis hopper john ford john huston

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