Portrait of a young Donald Sutherland

You probably know him from MASH (1970), Ordinary People (1980) and Don’t Look Now (1973), Mr. Donald Sutherland‘s face, especially in his late years is not hard to recognize. How about we take a look at him when he was much younger, through this portrait by Bardo Fabiani. Undated.
I am not the author of this image. All rights go to Bardo Fabiani.
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Donald Sutherland By Bardo Fabiani

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Hanin aka Kinofrau: 27 and counting, Ph.D in Film Theory & Art History in progress, from the Middle-(B)east, a specter that haunts Europe, equal-opportunity offender.

5 thoughts on “Portrait of a young Donald Sutherland”

      1. Thank you ! It was great fun to shoot as we were great friends at the time . The reason he has a hat on is that all his forehead was shaven for the film !!!!


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