Milo Manara draw scenes from Fellini’s films

Milo Manara draw scenes from Federico Fellini’s films. “Cinema e fumetto, Federico Fellini e Milo Manara: un dialogo intenso e proficuo tra due grandi arti e due maestri italiani.” I found these images without their source, I think that they’re taken from this book: Fellini e Manara.
In order: the images are from ” Boccaccio ’70, La Dolce Vita, La Strada, and Satyricon”.
If you have a more reliable source, do leave a comment.
I am not the author of these images.
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Boccaccio '70 (Fellini) (Limited Edition Print) (Signed) art by Manara La Dolce Vita Milo Manara La Strada Milo Manara Satyricon (Fellini) by Milo Manara


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Hanin aka Kinofrau: 27 and counting, Ph.D in Film Theory & Art History in progress, from the Middle-(B)east, a specter that haunts Europe, equal-opportunity offender.

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