Polaroids by Andrei Tarkovsky

Published back in 2006 in “Instant Light: Tarkovsky Polaroids” (by Giovanni Chiaramonte) and completely digitalized online by a russian website  Check out our favorite selection of these superb ephemeral shots by the famous director. More goodies on Facebook. You can see Andrei Tarkovsky with his father, famous poet Arseny Tarkovsy here and a very young photo … Continue reading Polaroids by Andrei Tarkovsky

Andrei and Arseny Tarkovsky: Father & Son

Andrei Tarkovsky was born to poet Arseny Tarkovsky (1907-1989). Arseny Tarkovsky is considered one of the great 20th century Russian poets and was a prominent translator. These are some of our favorite portraits. More will be posted here. Scroll down for a fragment of his famous poem called “Life, Life”. I am not the author … Continue reading Andrei and Arseny Tarkovsky: Father & Son