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I just want to collect all the memory of the world, all the pieces of the vast universe of film, I want to look and have an acute pleasure in looking, I want to recall every single frame, I want a film so long that I will never have to leave the theater, I want a screen so large that I have to walk across the globe to see all of it, I want a collection so endless and so un-collectible that it will have a life of its own and outlive me.   


Hanin Hannouch aka Kinofrau, shot by Beate Körner (Reykjavík, February 2016)

That’s about it, pretty much. But I realize that I have not properly introduced myself to my audience:
My name is Hanin Hannouch aka Kinofrau (born in 1989). I first started Kinoimages on April 20th 2012 while in Paris, and it has accompanied me on my numerous travels. I’ve been posting while in France, Germany, Slovenia, Iceland, and Italy to name a few, while studying art history and museum management. I am currently writing my phD about the art historical theories of Sergei Eisenstein and cinema was and still is the center of my life. Kinoimages keeps me deep into it, it incites me to do more research on a daily basis, it refreshes my knowledge, and helps me discover more artists, new films, and most importantly new feelings, the novelty of films (and books and music) never seems to wear out, and that alone keeps me very hopeful and very happy. The Pathos is there, all I have to do is to find it and grab it.     
I recognize that, as much as I admire film directors and actors, the very inscription of “Directed by” or “Starring…” has a reductive power which tends to alienate other artists with immense contribution to the final piece. I try to place emphasis on these people, their biographies, their works and other projects to the best of my abilities, because after all, (most) films are collective works.
My movie reviews here (and I know they’re not many) are oriented towards under-discovered works, those with great contemporary relevance and controversy, or movies I stumble upon in my daily life and would like to showcase their artistry and pertinence, but my posts cannot keep up with my own frantic pace of watching films.
Just ask me what I’ve been seeing recently and I will surely tell you, and that is my absolute favorite conversation.  

Moreover, I am fascinated by the relationships that cinema has forged with other art forms, none of which can be considered “minor” in my opinion, not on-set photography, not film posters, not fashion design etc. 
That being said, intertextuality has won my heart a long time ago; be it the rapport of the images to texts, or the citations of an image by another image, and I try to explore these links with the “Visual Showdown”posts and I’m hoping to start interviewing my favorite musicians to ask about the role of cinema in their artistic endeavors.

All your contributions are welcome: Images, film reviews, opinions, thoughts, suggestions of movies to watch, just send them here: or

15 thoughts on “Meet the creator”

      1. Hi, it’s Vitor. Yes, the blog is so passionate. I No doubt it comes from your own passion for movies. Well, I am cinemagoer (tended to be more…), am enjoying the blog and would love to keep in touch with you.


      2. Wow, PhD on Eisenstain! I am envious. I’ll write for sure. I hope we stay in touch. Online “connections” are usually so thin… I’ll write soon. My e-mail is, in case you are faster than I.


      3. I just read your email! I’l be replying tomorrow afternoon! There’s a very very special post coming up in 4 hours or so on the blog, stay tuned 😉


  1. Dear Hanin,
    It’s nice to finally put a face (yours) with the name (Kinofrau). I thoroughly enjoy your website; I see something different and learn something new from it every time I visit.
    Thank you and please continue to keep up the good work.
    My best,


  2. Dear Hanin,
    Great blog. Loved the vintage images that you post regularly. Am an avid film goer myself. I like classic noir/crime thrillers in particular. I have maintained a list of movies I have watched over the years. Would like your suggestions on recent movies you enjoyed watching.


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