From Bosnia & Herzegovina, “Circus Columbia”

© Danis Tanovic (born in Bosnia & Herzegovina) is mostly known for his directorial success in “No Man’s Land” (2001).
This is  a still shot from his most recent film “Circus Columbia” (2010) in which Miki Manojlovic’s character (seen here with Mira Furlan) comes back home after having lived in Germany, right before the break-out of the war in Yugoslavia.
Thank you Alen Duspara for introducing me to this director.

The name is “Loriot” !

© This photo stream is dedicated to Vicco von Bülow (1923-2011), the most celebrated German comedian, cartoonist, film director, actor and writer who went by the name of “LORIOT”.
Below you’ll find his portrait during an autograph session in 1971, another photo of him next to his famous cartoon and 2 videos from featuring 2 of his famous short film: “die Nudle” (with Evelyn Hamann) & “das Ei” (with english subtitles).
Click on them and have a good laugh!

Not your typical hollywood heroine: Miss Bala (2011)

© Based on the real-life drama of Miss Sinaloa, Laura Zuniga.
“Miss Bala”(2011) is directed by Gerardo Naranjo and offers a re-look at beauty pageants, female action figures & corruption in contemporary Mexico. It premiered at Un Certain Regard in Cannes in 2011.
I thought this film poster was the most interesting out of the bunch. Below it is the photo of the actual beauty queen.

“My Little Princess” (2011)

© One of Isabelle Huppert’s most controversial roles. “My Little Princess” (2011)
Inspired by the life of Irina Ionesco and her relationship with her daughter, the director of the film, Eva Ionesco.
Irina took erotic photos of her daughter (then still a minor) that were published back 1970’s Paris.
Find below a still shot from the film as well as one of Ionesco’s work.
Copyright goes to the artist.

Enter the Void (2009)

© A Wild Bunch Production, a “Sunset Boulevard” narrative inspiration, a DMT cinematic drug experience in Tokyo. Gaspar Noé’ planned this film for a period of 15 years. “ENTER THE VOID” (2009).



From Danemark to “Prag”.

© Danish actor Mads Mikkelsen, seen here in the background, is more known for his role as the villain in Casino Royal.
However, his Dutch films, especially ones directed by Ole Christian Madsen are worth viewing. This is the director’s 2nd feature film, “Prag”(2006). It draws a beautiful portrait of the city while a couple unravels.
Mads Mikkelsen in the background & Stine Stengade in the foreground.