“Let’s Watch” – My Film Review List

For your easy access to our film reviews, kindly find this list below which will be updated with each new writing.

Keep in mind that these writings are matters of perspective, they do not represent the truth or the reality of the film. Art is open to (elaborately justified) interpretation. It could or could not have been intended as such by the director but there are many lenses through which we can view it. This is not, at all, the final word about the work, this is a mere proposition. Enjoy !

  • “Antichrist” (2009, by Lars von Trier) – Namelessness & Trauma in Lacanian Enunciation here
  • “A Serbian Film” (2010, by Srdjan Spasojevic) – Why Did The J-Word Magically Get Omitted here
  • “Nokas” (2010, by Erik Skjoldbjærg) – Just How Unlikely It Is To Commit A Crime in Norway here
  • “Bo” (2010, by Hans Herbots) – Let Her Be Adored here
  • “Creature From The Black Lagoon” (1954, Jack Arnold)- Marketing, Dames & Sexual Exploitation here
  • “13 Tzameti” (2005, Gela Babluani) – Rubbernecking, Reflexivity & David Fincher here
  • “Antiviral” (2012, Brandon Cronenberg – Go Get your Virus du Jour here

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