Anna Magnani like you’ve never seen her. Portraits by Bob Collins.

Italian stage & film actress Anna Magnani (1908 – 1973) achieved international fame in Rossellini’s Rome, Open City (1945), Pasolini’s Mamma Roma (1962) and the Tennessee Williams adaptation of The Rose Tattoo (1955).
She is considered by Life Magazine to be “one of the most impressive actresses since Garbo” . Here she is shining in these 2 portraits by photographer Bob Collins.

Bob Collins, vintage print, circa 1954. Given by Rudolph John Acton, in 2003, to the National Portrait Gallery London.  All rights go to the NPG – London.

An exceptional horseman named Jeremy Irons

Actor Jeremy Irons (1948-) , star of Cronenberg’s Dead Ringers (1988), Lynch’s Inland Empire (2006) and Louis Malle’s Damage (1992) is actually an exceptionally good horseman.
Swiss artist Michel Comteborn in 1954 received his first international advertising assignment from Karl Lagerfeld for the fashion house of Chloe and moved to Paris.

In 1990, he took these photos of Irons for Interview Magazine. I think the last shot is very Fritz Lang.
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To all John Wayne fans…

John Wayne poses for repetitive strobe photo showing what it looks like to be punched by the star, ca. 1940s
Photographer: Phil Stern, born In Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Sept. 3, 1919, photographer to the star ! 

I am not the author of this image, all rights go to Phil Stern (

Anita Ekberg’s portraits shots by Georg Oddner

Georg Oddner (1923 – 2007) was one of Sweden’s top photographers and jazz musicians. At 27 he abandoned jazz and traveled to the United States working, among other jobs, as fashion photographer Richard Avedon’s assistant in New York. When he returned to Sweden in 1952, he settled in Malmö, devoting himself mainly to report and fashion photography. His reputation soon took off, and his numerous commissions took him all around the world. One of the magazines he often worked for was Vi. In 1958 he became a founding member of the photo group “Tio fotografer” (“Ten Photographers”) in Stockholm.
Since the early 1990s he has worked exclusively in color, but these photos dating from 1954, shot in Malmo, testify to his black and white capabilities.

His model, found here, was Anita Ekberg, the one and only. 

I am not the author of these images. All rights go to Georg Oddner.
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R.W Fassbinder & Hanna Schygulla in New York

In 1979, R.W Fassbinder & Hanna Schygulla went together to the 17th New York Film Festival where the German director presented his “The Marriage of Maria Braun”. Photo by Helaine Messer

I am not the author of this image, all rights reserved. 

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Catherine Deneuve is the face of Chanel Number 5 (70s)

In 1972Catherine Deneuve signed the Manifesto of the 343 (Manifeste des 343 salopes, Manifest of the 343 bitches):  The manifesto was an admission by its signers to have practiced illegal abortions, and therefore, exposed themselves to judicial actions and prison sentences.It was published in Le Nouvel Observateur on 5 April 1971.
That same year, feminist lawyer Gisèle Halimi founded the group, Choisir (“To Choose”), to protect the women who had signed the Manifesto of the 343, which include Romy Schneider and many other stars.

Yet this political stance did not stop Deneuve from becoming, all through the 70s, the face of the celebrated perfume “Chanel number 5”.

Here are some ads from that period, from 1970 till 1977.
I am not the author of these images. All rights go to Channel.

A Robert Redford portrait, back in 1965…

Photographer Jay Thompson took this lovely photo of Robert Redford in 1965.
The image resurfaced in Esquire magazine, in an article called “Robert Redford: What I’ve Learned” (December 2010).

Redford went on to direct the amazing “Ordinary People” (1980) that won the Academy Award for Best Picture, among others. Check out the film here!

I am not the author of this image. All rights go to Esquire magazine.