Baron Munchausen, on-set !

The Adventures of Baron Munchausen, a 1988 brilliant classic by Terry Gilliam, explores the mystical travels of the Baron and his friends. Check out the amazing sets through these behind the scenes images with the director and his crew !
Photography by Peter Marlow !
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LON45217 LON45218 LON45219 LON45220 LON45221 LON45223 LON45224 LON45225 LON45226 LON45856 LON45857 LON45858 NYC51971

Daniel-Day Lewis’ severed head (by David LaChapelle)

David LaChapelle, born March 11, 1963 in Fairfield, Connecticut, is a photographer and director who works in the fields of fashion, advertising, and fine art photography, and is noted for his surreal, unique, sexualized, and often humorous style. LaChapelle’s work has been described as surrealist, grotesque, shocking and ironic. Here is his portrait of Daniel-Day Lewis’ head!
I am not the author of this image. All rights go to David LaChapelle.
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Josef von Sternbeg & Please Be Silent Behind Camera

Our very first Josef von Sternberg post !!
Check out this photo, behind the scenes: Josef Von Sternberg (seated) with cameraman Maximilian Fabian and (standing from left to right) Conrad Nagel, Matthew Betz and Renée Adorée on the set of Exquisite Sinner. 1926. (Unknown photographer)
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The Rocky Horror Picture Show: Behind the scenes!

The Rocky Horror Picture Show (1975), directed by Jim Sharman, starring Tim Curry, Susan Sarandon & Barry Bostwick. Here are some behind the scenes shot from that cult film with the cast and crew.
Unknown photographer. I am not the author of these images.
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rockyh rockyh2 rockyh3 tim curry Tim-Curry-Barry-Bostwick-Susan-Sarandon-on-the-set-of-The-Rocky-Horror-Picture-Show

Cecil B. DeMille on the cover of TIME!

“When William Shakespeare was ready to write the story of Cleopatra, he needed nothing more than pen, ink, paper and his own lively genius. Three centuries later George Bernard Shaw required no more equipment for the same task. But when Paramount put Cecil Blount DeMille to work on this well-worn old tale, that old-time director could not even get started without $750,000, a majority of the unemployed actors in Hollywood, ten crates of real grapes by airmail from South America…” (Cover Story for Time magazine, Monday, Aug. 27, 1934)

Check out Cecil B. DeMille on the cover of Time magazine in 1934, after his film “Cleopatra”.
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Aug. 27, 1934 Cecile B Demille

A dirty look from Zero Mostel at Shirley Temple’s assests

Zero Mostel, star of The Producers (1968, directed by Mel Brooks) notices that ex-child Shirley Temple is all grown up at a public reception.
Photographer unknown. If you know who he is, write to me. I am not the author of this image.
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This is a generous contribution of Vince Duggan! Thank you Vince!

The ultimate Dead Ringers poster !

I am sure you are familiar with the cliché Dead Ringers (1988, dir by David Cronenber) covers with the face of Jeremy Irons multiplying. Check out this kick-ass poster made by Jay Shaw for the same film…
I am not the author of this image. All rights go to Jim Shaw &
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