Remember Leonard Bernstein

 Renowned composer Leonard Bernstein (1918-1990) is known for being a conductor, author, music lecturer & concert pianist.
Director of the famous New York Philharmonic, Bernstein met with a lot of success throughout his career, especially for his Broadway rendition of “West Side Story” and numerous operas, symphonies etc.
However, he also contributed to the world of cinema with the following film scores: “West Side Story” (1961, directed by Robert Wise) & “On The Waterfront” (1954, Elia Kazan).  I personally tremendously appreciate the latter.

© Leonard Bernstein (with Carol Lawrence in background) instructing cast during rehearsal for West Side Story.

© The West Side Story gang in 1957 Sondheim, Arthur Laurents, Hal Prince, Robert Griffith (a co-producer, seated), Leonard Bernstein and Jerome Robbins

A Gabin-Dietrich affair

In 1939, French actor Jean Gabin began a love affair with German actress Marlene Dietrich. They starred in a film together “Martin Roumagnac”aka “The Room Upstairs” (1946, directed by Georges Lacombe) was not a success and their personal relationship soon ended.

© Here are some photos from their affair. Not a lot of information are available about these images, except that the last one was shot in Los Angeles in 1942. All rights go to the author/photographer.


Groucho Marx on the cover of “TIME” magazine

© December 31st, 1951, the one and only Groucho Marx was on the cover of “Time” magazine.
Let’s just say, magazine covers are not what they used to be, check out the illustrative work on this one:

Copyright goes to Time magazine, naturally.


Heath Ledger by Vincent Fantauzzo

Before his premature death, Heath Ledger posed for a portrait by his friend and Melbourne artist Vincent Fantauzzo.
Ledger sat for Fantauzzo on his last visit home to Perth in December and a month later, died alone in New York. The artist later won the Archibald Prize held at the prestigious Art Gallery of New South Wales in Sydney in 2008.
© All rights go to the author.

Another film by Mike Leigh…”Another Year”

Introducing the many faces ofLesley Manville in “Another Year” by Mike Leigh (2010): A re-look into the seemingly mundane lives of people, including Marie (played by Manville), throughout seasons and all through a year.
Dedicated to Leigh’s long-time producer, Simon Channing-Williams, the film manages to escapes caricatures & yet represents individual tragedy without cinematic crescendo. There is no exaggeration, only subtle work. There is no pretentious dialogue, only small-talk, thus adding to the film realism and great mastery. Leigh nails it again!

© Some snapshots of Manville’s brilliant performances. All rights go to the author.

Brando & his mascarade

© An intimate shot of Marlon Brando putting his own make-up on on the set of Elia Kazan‘s redeeming film “On The Waterfront”, back in 1954.It has been reported that making the movie stopped everyday at 4 pm because Brando had to see his therapist daily, after the death of his mother.