Louis Jourdan’s erotic photos by R.Voinquel

There was high excitement reverberating in 1939 from the proposed new film, “LE CORSAIRE” (directed by Marc Allégret)with Charles Boyer and the gorgeous Louis Jourdan.
But it was not to be, and after only a month of shooting, production ceased in September 1939 as France began to prepare for war. All that remains of LE CORSAIRE is a collection of random and unedited film sequences and the pictures shot on the set by photographer Raymond Voinquel, whose images of Louis Jourdan (erroneously labeled on publication as Pierre Jordan).
You might also remember Jourdan as Kamal Kahn in James Bond’s Octopussy (1983), Gigi (1958) and Letters From an Unknown Woman (1948). Check out the gorgeous shots here.

I am not the author of these images, all rights go to Raymond Voinquel.
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LJ_1 LJ_2

Cate Blanchett by Steven Klein for Vogue

Dressed in Christian Dior, the gorgeous Australian actress Cate Blanchett adorns the cover of Vogue USA (november 2006) photographed by Steven Klein .

I am not the author of these images. All rights go to Steven Klein.
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Cate1 Cate2 Cate3 Cate4 Cate5 Cate6

Li Gong, looking like a queen for l’Officiel, China, 2012

Actress Gong Li, star of “2046” and “Raise The Red Lantern” is the cover girl of the 32nd anniversary issue of the Chinese edition of “L’Officiel”. A serene old theater in southern Beijing served as the backdrop for the shoot; the photos depict Gong dressed like a queen, echoing her status as one of the best-known Chinese actresses.
Issue of August 2012, Chinese edition. Photographer: Feng Hai (冯海)

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gong-li-lofficiel-china-feng-hai-aug2012-005 Li6 Li7 li2 LI3 Li4 Li5

Tribute to Nagisa Oshima !

Nagisa Oshima  March 31, 1932 – January 15, 2013) was a Japanese film director and screenwriter. His films include In the Real of the Senses (1974), Furyo (1983) and Taboo (1999). Here he is, photographed by Bruce Gilden (1946-)! I am not the author of this image.
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bruce gilden bruce gilden2

Leatherface, baby, leatherface.

Since we are big on gore films, we decided to do a little tribute to Leatherface aka Gunnar Hansen (1947-), born in Iceland. He majored in English and mathematics and then went to graduate school in Scandinavian Studies and English.
Here he is on the set of Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974) directed by Tobe Hooper: with John Dugan and Edwin Neal. Unknown photographer. Help us identify the photographer and all the people in this image by writing to us.
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Baron Munchausen, on-set !

The Adventures of Baron Munchausen, a 1988 brilliant classic by Terry Gilliam, explores the mystical travels of the Baron and his friends. Check out the amazing sets through these behind the scenes images with the director and his crew !
Photography by Peter Marlow !
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LON45217 LON45218 LON45219 LON45220 LON45221 LON45223 LON45224 LON45225 LON45226 LON45856 LON45857 LON45858 NYC51971

Daniel-Day Lewis’ severed head (by David LaChapelle)

David LaChapelle, born March 11, 1963 in Fairfield, Connecticut, is a photographer and director who works in the fields of fashion, advertising, and fine art photography, and is noted for his surreal, unique, sexualized, and often humorous style. LaChapelle’s work has been described as surrealist, grotesque, shocking and ironic. Here is his portrait of Daniel-Day Lewis’ head!
I am not the author of this image. All rights go to David LaChapelle.
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