Another film by Mike Leigh…”Another Year”

Introducing the many faces ofLesley Manville in “Another Year” by Mike Leigh (2010): A re-look into the seemingly mundane lives of people, including Marie (played by Manville), throughout seasons and all through a year.
Dedicated to Leigh’s long-time producer, Simon Channing-Williams, the film manages to escapes caricatures & yet represents individual tragedy without cinematic crescendo. There is no exaggeration, only subtle work. There is no pretentious dialogue, only small-talk, thus adding to the film realism and great mastery. Leigh nails it again!

© Some snapshots of Manville’s brilliant performances. All rights go to the author.

Brando & his mascarade

© An intimate shot of Marlon Brando putting his own make-up on on the set of Elia Kazan‘s redeeming film “On The Waterfront”, back in 1954.It has been reported that making the movie stopped everyday at 4 pm because Brando had to see his therapist daily, after the death of his mother.


On the set of “The Trial” with Orson & Anthony

© Orson Welles & actor Anthony Perkins on the set of the Kafka adaptation of “The Trial” (1962).
Some giggles & laughs and then some serious work. Second photo by Nicolas Thikhomirof, a Russian photographer, born & raised in France.  All rights go to the photographer(s)

Hear “The Ear” (1970)

© Filmed in 1970, but only released in 1989, introducing Karel Kachyna’s experimental masterpiece “The Ear” (1970).
It tells the story of Ludvík (Radoslav Brzobohatý), a communist senior ministry official & his alcoholic wife Anna (Jiřina Bohdalová). The tale plays out over night while Ludvík continuously imagines atrocious things, that he is suspected of treason and will be arrested. The psychological warfare commences while he tries to find evidence that “Big Brother” is eavesdropping on them.

Stylistically, the film exquisitely alternates between scenes shot in complete darkness (lit only by small torches or candlelight, very film-noir) & overexposure while Ludvík recalls the events of the night before & his associations with famous officials.

Find below my still shots from the film. All rights go to the author.

Remember Lee Remick

Lee Remick (1935-1991) was discovered by Elia Kazan for his film “A Face in The Crowd” (1957). She later starred, among other films, in Otto Preminger’s “Anatomy of a Murder” (1959) and then in 1976 in Richard Donner’s cult classic “The Omen” alongside Gregory Peck.
She died prematurely of cancer, aged 55.

© Lee Remick putting finishing touches on her lipstick with a brush, under strong lights which reveal heavy layer of stage makeup, 1957.

Brigitte Nielsen, back in the day

Helmut Newton‘s wife June was a photographer herself. She used the pseudonym “Alice Springs” and took photos of many a famous face, including Danish actress & model Brigitte Nielsen.
Nielsen is mainly known for her roles in Red Sonja & Rocky IV. Not that these films are of particular aesthetic value or interest, I personally find the photo below pretty impressive.

© “Brigitte Nielsen and Son” by Alice Springs aka June Newton. 1990.