Edward Steichen’s portrait of Josef von Sternberg

Josef von Sternberg by Edward Steichen (1931).
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Check out Josef von Sternberg’s way of telling people to shut the fuck up here and the famous director with Emile Jannings on the set of “der blaue Engel” here

JvS ed steichen 31

Buster Keaton by Cecile Beaton

Buster Keaton by Cecil Beaton
bromide fibre print, 1931
9 5/8 in. x 7 1/2 in. (245 mm x 189 mm)
Given by executors of the Estate of Eileen Hose, 1991
NPG x40625

I am not the author of this image. © Cecil Beaton Studio Archive, Sotheby’s London.
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NPG x40625; Buster Keaton by Cecil Beaton

“The Face of Greta Garbo” by Clarence Bull

Swedish film star Greta Garbo (1905 – 1900) was photographed by renown photographer Clarence Bull (1896-1979), one of the greatest portrait photographers of the Golden Age of Hollywood. “The head of MGM’s stills department for nearly forty years, Clarence Sinclair Bull, along with “George Hurrell”, virtually invented celebrity portraiture as we know it today, capturing with rare artistry a breathtaking roster of stars in brilliant and often surprising ways. His magical and dream-like photographs – in particular his collaboration with Greta Garbo, whom he photographed almost exclusively from 1929 until 1941 became the classic images of Hollywood portrait photography, instrumental in fixing the essential look of a star and in setting standards of beauty male and female – to this day. ” – from http://www.hurrellphotos.com/default.asp?ID=48

Greta Garbo, in Mata Hari, 1931, by Clarence Bull.
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