“The Third Man Museum” in Vienna, Austria!

So this is a Kinoimages first, our very first coverage of a museum genuinely deemed visiting, “The Third Man Museum” in Vienna, Austria!

And the collection sure as hell is not humble! If you’re a fan of anyone in the film or the movie itself, your happiness awaits in this lovely place. Everything you can imagine is pretty much there; from portraits of the stars, down to Paul Martins’ hat, newspaper clips, lobby cards, a huge amount of posters, just about every single imaginable recording of the Harry Lime theme and even music clocks featuring it! A lot of photos from post-war Vienna help contextualize the film along with your favorite quotes posted around the walls, among other goodies!
What made my experience very special was the superb staff who worked there whose passion for the film and cinema in general was more than obvious. They were all immensely enthusiastic about sharing their knowledge, answering my questions and guiding me! The icing on the cake was the cute little stamp that I bought from the museum. It literally made my day! 

Here are my very own photos from that superb day! More on Facebook!
Check out Orson Welles on the cover of Time Magazine here 

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