Catherine Deneuve is the face of Chanel Number 5 (70s)

In 1972Catherine Deneuve signed the Manifesto of the 343 (Manifeste des 343 salopes, Manifest of the 343 bitches):  The manifesto was an admission by its signers to have practiced illegal abortions, and therefore, exposed themselves to judicial actions and prison sentences.It was published in Le Nouvel Observateur on 5 April 1971.
That same year, feminist lawyer Gisèle Halimi founded the group, Choisir (“To Choose”), to protect the women who had signed the Manifesto of the 343, which include Romy Schneider and many other stars.

Yet this political stance did not stop Deneuve from becoming, all through the 70s, the face of the celebrated perfume “Chanel number 5”.

Here are some ads from that period, from 1970 till 1977.
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