Tribute to cinematographer Roger Deakins

Roger Deakins, cinematographer extraordinaire, born in 1949 in England is best known for his work with the Coen Brothers and Sam Mendes. Among his achievements, we can most recently count Skyfall. Others include No Country For Old Men, Barton Fink, The Big Lebowski and The Man Who Wasn’t There. Check out this portrait of him by British photographer Ben Quinton.
I am not the author of this image. For a kick-ass Jeff Bridges portrait click here
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Ben Quinton

Kick-ass Coen Brothers portrait (By Matthew Brazier!)

This is my very first post of The Coen Brothers!
I came across this lovely portrait of the directors created through elements from their film made by Matthew Brazier (
I am not the author of this image. All rights go to Matthew Brazier!
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