The King of Cool in Harper’s Bazaar!

The King of Cool Steve McQueen poses alongside supermodel Jean Shrimpton. Shot by Richard Avedon for Harper’s Bazaar magazine – February, 1965! Here’s the magazine cover & the inside spread.
© Harper’s Bazaar

Groucho Marx on the cover of “TIME” magazine

© December 31st, 1951, the one and only Groucho Marx was on the cover of “Time” magazine.
Let’s just say, magazine covers are not what they used to be, check out the illustrative work on this one:

Copyright goes to Time magazine, naturally.


Martin on the cover of “Vogue”

© the one and only Martin Scorsese on the cover of French “Vogue”, December 1990 /January 1991 !
One hell of a funny cover ! If you have any more interesting covers, kindly email them to with publishing date and you will be named as a contributor!