Princess Diana dancing with John Travolta

 Princess Diana dancing with John Travolta in the entrance hall at the White House, November 1985 during an official Royal visit to Washington D.C Diana, who was a keen dancer and ballerina in her childhood days and also a big fan of Saturday Night Fever, made world headlines in 1985 when she showed off a footloose and fancy free dance routine with King of dance John Travolta. Unknown photographer.
Thank you Rawad Nassif for this contribution. I am not the author of these photos. These photos are public domain.
Thank you Rawad Nassif for this contribution

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Gene Kelly double exposure, by Gjon Mili

This is our very first Gene Kelly post !!

Albanian-American photographer Gjon Mili (1904- 1984) is best known for his work in LIFE magazine and for his photos of very famous artists including Gene Kelly in 1944. Around the period of “Cover Girl,” a Columbia movie, is this dance in which double-exposure photography shows Kelly struggling bitterly with his conscience. The Gijon Mili pictures shown below capture the extraordinary grace and inventiveness of this number.

I am not the author of these images. All rights go to Gjon Mili and Life Magazine.

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Caption from LIFE, describing a dance Gene Kelly performed in the 1944 movie, Cover Girl. “Kelly rises, tries to leap away. But his conscience continues to pursue him.”