Before Bonnie & Clyde, there was….”Gun Crazy”

“We go together like guns and ammunition,” Laurie tells Bart, from Gun Crazy.  A sex and death fusion with a Dalton Trumbo screenplay (under the pseudonym of Millard Kaufman)
Directed by Joseph H. Lewis, from the story by Kantor
Cinematography by Russell Harlan
Music by Victor Young
Starring John Dall and Peggy Cummins
USA, 1950.
Here is one of my favorite scenes, a slaughterhouse run and bank robbery.

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Surrealist photos of Ida Lupino

English-American actress Ida Lupino by Scotty Welbourne (1907-1979) in 1941. Scotty Welbourne replaced Elmer Fryer as department head at Warner Bros. in 1941 he started taking phtoos of the studio’s newer stars, including Ida!
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IL_SW1 IL_SW2 1941

Don’t answer that phone !!

A brilliant Anatol Litvak film- noir, made in 1948, starring Barbara Stanwyck & Burt Lancaster, set in Manhattan:

The pieces of the story are beautifully put together by other people’s reconstruction & reportage over the phone.
The spoiled character of Stanwyck finds herself randomly at the center of a conspiracy connected together by a very ominous object, a phone. This depiction of the object later made it through American Slasher films like the “Scream” series.
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