Cecil B. DeMille on the cover of TIME!

“When William Shakespeare was ready to write the story of Cleopatra, he needed nothing more than pen, ink, paper and his own lively genius. Three centuries later George Bernard Shaw required no more equipment for the same task. But when Paramount put Cecil Blount DeMille to work on this well-worn old tale, that old-time director could not even get started without $750,000, a majority of the unemployed actors in Hollywood, ten crates of real grapes by airmail from South America…” (Cover Story for Time magazine, Monday, Aug. 27, 1934)

Check out Cecil B. DeMille on the cover of Time magazine in 1934, after his film “Cleopatra”.
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Aug. 27, 1934 Cecile B Demille

Nicholson & Antonioni having fun on the set of The Passenger

Michelangelo Antonioni and Jack Nicholson on the set of The Passenger (1975, unknown photographer)

Check out Jack Nicholson’s photo on a night out with Groucho Marx here!
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What does Groucho Marx endorse ?

What does Groucho Marx really endorse ?
Check out these ads our favorite actor did from the 1940s till the 1960s.
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Groucho Marx, Jack Nicholson & Alice Cooper !! (1972)

Groucho Marx chatting with Alice Cooper and then with Jack Nicholson at a party for George McGovern circa 1972.
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NB – Check out Groucho himself on the cover of Time Magazine back in 1951 here.

Groucho Marx on the cover of “TIME” magazine

© December 31st, 1951, the one and only Groucho Marx was on the cover of “Time” magazine.
Let’s just say, magazine covers are not what they used to be, check out the illustrative work on this one:

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