Gena Rowlands, by Peter Lindbergh (Harper’s Bazaar)

Call her “Gloria”(1980) or “A Woman Under The Influence” (1974), Gena Rowlands, actress extraordinaire and John Cassavetes‘ wife and muse, was photographed by famed German photographer Peter Lindbergh in December 1996 for Harper’s Bazaar.  Here are the two stunning photos of her face and hands.
I am not the author of these images. All rights go to Peter Lindbergh.
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My 3 favorite Lauren Bacall covers

Before Hollywood’s contemporary fascination with everything Retro, there were actual actors and actresses who embodied this very notion of style and actually worked hard at their craft, for e.g Lauren Bacall. She was not just another beautiful face who played the femme fatal in several film-noirs such as “The Big Sleep” (1946), “Dark Passage” (1947) etc. but also shined on Broadway.

Mrs. Bogart herself graced these following covers from Sweden, Montreal and UK respectively, proving once again, that magazines are just not what they used to be…

Lauren Bacall. “Filmjournalen”. Sweden. 1952
All rights go to Filmjournalien magazine.

Lauren Bacall. “Le Film” magazine. Canada, June 1954.
All rights go to Le Film magazine.

Lauren Bacall. “Harper’s Bazaar”. March 1943. UK
All rights go to Harper’s Bazaar magazine.

The King of Cool in Harper’s Bazaar!

The King of Cool Steve McQueen poses alongside supermodel Jean Shrimpton. Shot by Richard Avedon for Harper’s Bazaar magazine – February, 1965! Here’s the magazine cover & the inside spread.
© Harper’s Bazaar