Alfred Hitchcock & Alma Reville’s wedding photos

Born just one day after Hitchcock, on August 14, 1899, Alma Reville joined the British film industry even before her future husband. Her father worked at Twickenham Film Studios, and Reville got a job there at age 15 as a rewind girl in the cutting room. She quickly moved on to film editing at the London Film Company at age 16, while Hitch was designing advertisements for a cable manufacturer. She continued working with Hitchcock as his directing career got under way, serving as a film editor, script girl/continuity editor, writer and, most important, sounding board. Reville and Hitchcock married on December 2nd 1926; their one child, Patricia, was born in1928. Alma Reville Hitchcock died on July 6, 1982, two years after her husband.
Unknown photographer. I am not the author of these photos.
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