Sean Connery in a Jim Beam ad !

After the crest of Bond Fever had enveloped popular culture the world over with the release of “Thunderball”, savvy advertisers were quick to jump on the merchandising gravy train. Kentucky bourbon Jim Beam signed up the man himself, Sean Connery, to appear in advertisements as himself from 1966 until 1974. Despite not being in character, Jim Beam used his associate as “the original James Bond” in their copy, even after Roger Moore had made his debut in “Live And Let Die.” (from

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Wait Until Dark: James Bond’s director works with Audrey Hepburn (1967)

British director and screenwriter Terence Young is mainly known for his James Bond films,  Dr. No (1962), From Russia with Love (1963), and Thunderball (1965). However, in 1967, he made a little thriller called ” Wait Until Dark” starring Audrey Hepburn, Alan Arkin and Richard Krenna. Music has been made by none other than Henri Mancini. No spoilers here but more will be posted on our Facebook page, including rare images here
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wait g

Wait Until Dark (1967) aka Warte, bis es Dunkel ist – German poster.

wait p jakub erol

Wait Until Dark (1967) – Polish poster by Jakub Erol

wait j

Wait Until Dark (1967) – Japanese poster

wait swWait Until Dark (1967) – Swedish poster

Ian Fleming and Ursula Andress on set !

On the set of “Dr.No” (1962), Ian Fleming and Ursula Andress had a lot to discuss. Unknown photographer. CAPTION THIS !
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Beautiful ” Dr. No ” book covers!

Dr. No is is the sixth novel in Ian Fleming‘s James Bond series and the first Bond film ever (1962), starring the gorgeous Sean Connery as the agent. With all the hype surrouding Skyfall, I thought it would be pertinent for us to look back at the first film and most importantly its source: the book and its numerous beautiful editions.
Here you will find my favorite book covers of “Dr. No”, the wonderful cover illustrations and all the info I can find about the edition !
Enjoy !!

First edition cover: Published by Jonathan Cape in 1958. Cover designed by Pat Mariott.

UK Edition: Pan G335 (1960). 1st paperback edition. Cover by ‘Peff’ (Sam Peffer).

Penguin Books special 100th Centenary cover. This design appeared too in a homage poster without the Penguin logo. Designed by Michael Gillette.

Pan Books. Designed by Raymond Hawkey (1963).

“Dr No”, Ian Fleming, The Macmillan Company New York, Library edition, published in 1958. (Unknown designer)

Mads Mikkelsen likes The Ramones !!

I got to know Danish actor Mads Mikkelsen thanks to his 2 collaborations with Danish director Ole Christian Madsen on “Prague” (2006) and “Flame & Citron” (2008) and later on when he played Le Chiffre in James Bond’s “Casino Royale”. Most importantly, he delivered what I think is his best performance so far in “With Blood On My Hands: Pusher II” but rumor has it his 2 recent films are just as impressive: “The Hunt” & “A Royal Affair” (2012).

Mikkelsen is also a fan of “The Ramones” and Kubrick’s “A Clockwork Orange” and he showed his love in these photos published in “COVER” magazine back in 2006.

Photography by Rick Shaine. All rights go to “Cover” magazine.