Juliette Binoche by Edouard Boubat !

Edouard Boubat (1923-1999) is a French art photographer who travelled the world for the magazine Réalités.

The French poet Jacques Prévert called him a “Peace Correspondent.” Here are his portraits of actress Juliette Binoche.

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Juliete Binoche by Edouard Boubat Juliette Binoche par Edouard Boubat Juliette Binoche par Edouard Boubat-2

Irene Jacob by June Westmore

Irene Jacob, (born 15 July 1966) is a French-born Swiss actress considered one of the preeminent French actresses of her generation. She is the star of Red by Kieslowski (1994) and The Double Life of Veronique (1991). There are really not a lot of photos of her circulating the web but we managed to dig this portrait by June Westmore, undated.
I am not the author of this image. All rights go to June Westmore.

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Kieslowski’s favorite film is: Kes (1969)

Ken Loach‘s second film (after “Poor Cow” in 1967) represents the sadism of the educational system, the confinement of family and peer violence in contrast to the freedom and beauty of a kestrel.
Introducing “Kes” (1969).
The film is an adaptation of Barry Hines‘ novel “A Kestrel for a Knave” and is Krzysztof Kieslowski’s favorite movie.

© Snapshots from “Kes” (1969, Ken Loach). Seen here is David Bradley in the main role of “Billy”.