On set of “Rosemary’s Baby”

Mia Farrow, John Cassavetes and Roman Polanski on set of “Rosemary’s Baby” (1968).

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Rosemary's baby. On set.

Woody Allen + rubber doll

Woody Allen with a rubber doll, USA, circa 1960. Unknown photographer.

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Mia Farrow’s friendship with Salvador Dali

I wasn’t aware of this up until recently but Mia Farrow was a very good friend of Salvador Dali. Their friendship began shortly after Mia’s father died of a heart attack in 1963 and lasted until the painter’s death and the actress said numerous times that he helped her get a new perspective on life, including her acting.

It is said that Dalí labeled it ”mythical suicide” when Mia Farrow allowed Vidal Sassoon to chop off her hair in 1966 and this is what she had to say about him in Time Magazine: ‘We lunched on butterfly wings and toured New York City with garbage collectors. He judged sex to be too violent–and showers too.’ But this seems to be a misconception since “Mia Farrow cut off her long hair herself while she was on “Peyton Place”. She received a written scolding from producer Paul Monash. That was when Dali weighed in. She had not yet married Frank Sinatra. It was later, as a publicity stunt for “Rosemary’s Baby”, that Vidal Sassoon gave it a token trim for the benefit of the press.”

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Here are some shots I found, the first one dates back to 1967, the other two are undated.

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