Woody Allen and model by David Mccabe!

Woody Allen with model in printed suit and matching accessories – Back in 1965, by David Mccabe. 
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Samuel Fuller models for…

Samuel Fuller once starred as a runway model for Japanese award-winning clothes designer Yohji Yamamoto. Here’s a rare image from those times.

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Samuel Fuller modelling Yohji Yamamoto.

Kitana herself : Miss Talisa Soto !

Bond Girl in License to Kill (1989) starring opposite Timothy Dalton, Kitana in the cult film Mortal Kombat (1995) AND super model.  Let’s pay tribute to princess Kitana herself, American actress from Puerto Rico, Miss Talisa Soto.
Here she is, shot by famous American photographer Sante d’Orazio
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TS_Sante D’Orazio