Anna Magnani like you’ve never seen her. Portraits by Bob Collins.

Italian stage & film actress Anna Magnani (1908 – 1973) achieved international fame in Rossellini’s Rome, Open City (1945), Pasolini’s Mamma Roma (1962) and the Tennessee Williams adaptation of The Rose Tattoo (1955).
She is considered by Life Magazine to be “one of the most impressive actresses since Garbo” . Here she is shining in these 2 portraits by photographer Bob Collins.

Bob Collins, vintage print, circa 1954. Given by Rudolph John Acton, in 2003, to the National Portrait Gallery London.  All rights go to the NPG – London.

A rare portrait of Peter Sellers by photo-journalist Peter Keen

For some reason, actor Peter Sellers has not been the center of many a great portrait, nor did he adorn the cover of famous magazines. However, his associations were always interesting, especially his friendship with controversial author Jerzy Kosinski (scroll down) and apparently photo-journalist Peter Keen.

The latter was born in West Drayton, Middlesex, in 1928. He began his career as a professional freelance photo-journalist & traveled a lot.  In the USSR he was arrested three times by the KGB for alleged spying but moved on to win British Photographer of the Year Award in 1960. The relationship between him and Sellers is unclear, one can suppose they were friends.
He somehow managed to take this beautiful shot of the of actor in profile which really made my day when I first saw it. The spontaneous pose & warm colors are an amazing contrast to Sellers’ drug-addicted and tormented character. Just beautiful.

“Peter Sellers” by Peter Keen
C-type colour print, 1968
9 5/8 in. x 6 5/8 in. (245 mm x 168 mm)
Copyright goes to the National Portrait Gallery, London

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