Paz Vega by Nico, El Pais Semanal Magazine! Must-see!

Paz Vega, star of “Talk To Her” (2002, Pedro Almodovar) and “Sex & Lucia” (2001, Julio Medem) along with Rob Evans by Nico for El País Semanal, August 2013.

I am not the author of these images. All rights go to El Pais Semenal Magazine.

Check out Paz de La Huerta shot by Bruce Weber here

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Andy Warhol plays Batman

If you thought I won’t be posting about Batman, you’re wrong! Only it’s my kind of batman, check it out:

“In 1964 Andy Warhol produced and directed in a film entitled “Batman Dracula”. Without the permission of DC Comics, Warhol’s version is an artistic tribute coincidentally relevant to today’s infatuation with Batman and vampires. These stills were taken during a 1967 Esquire Magazine photo shoot Warhol took with German singer Nico.” Here are the photos! Scroll down for the link to the first part of the film!

I am not the author of these photos. All rights go to Esquire magazine.

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