Behind the scenes of Kubrick’s Lolita!

Stanley Kubrick, James Mason, and Peter Sellers behind the scenes of Lolita (1962, dir. Stanley Kubrick).
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lolita Stanley Kubrick, James Mason, and Peter Sellers on the set of Lolita (1962, dir. Stanley Kubrick)

Peter Sellers & Stanley Kubrick on set of “Dr. Strangelove”

Peter Sellers & Stanley Kubrick on set of "Dr. Strangelove" (1964).
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Peter Sellers and Stanley Kubrick

Bond Girl & Peter Seller’s wife, here is Britt Ekland for Vogue!

Britt-Marie Eklund (born 6 October 1942), better known as Britt Ekland, is a Swedish actress and singer, and a long-time resident of the United Kingdom. She is best known for her roles as a Bond girl in The Man with the Golden Gun, and in the British cult horror film The Wicker Man, as well as her marriage to actor Peter Sellers, and her high-profile social life.

Check her out here for Vogue UK in 1965. Photos by David Bailey!

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BE david Baily Vogue uk 65

britt David Bailey

Peter Sellers on the cover of Playboy: A James Bond parody !

Peter Sellers, actor and comedian extraordinaire was also the first man to appear on the cover of Playboy, in April 1964.

Check out the hilarious photos of him with actress Karen Lynn in that famous issue below, a parody of the lovers in James Bond’s “You Only Live Twice”and then Dracula! Thank you Brent Wills Bechtel !

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A rare portrait of Peter Sellers by photo-journalist Peter Keen

For some reason, actor Peter Sellers has not been the center of many a great portrait, nor did he adorn the cover of famous magazines. However, his associations were always interesting, especially his friendship with controversial author Jerzy Kosinski (scroll down) and apparently photo-journalist Peter Keen.

The latter was born in West Drayton, Middlesex, in 1928. He began his career as a professional freelance photo-journalist & traveled a lot.  In the USSR he was arrested three times by the KGB for alleged spying but moved on to win British Photographer of the Year Award in 1960. The relationship between him and Sellers is unclear, one can suppose they were friends.
He somehow managed to take this beautiful shot of the of actor in profile which really made my day when I first saw it. The spontaneous pose & warm colors are an amazing contrast to Sellers’ drug-addicted and tormented character. Just beautiful.

“Peter Sellers” by Peter Keen
C-type colour print, 1968
9 5/8 in. x 6 5/8 in. (245 mm x 168 mm)
Copyright goes to the National Portrait Gallery, London

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Tribute to authors & screenwriters: Who is Jerzy Kosinski?

Jerzy Kosinski is born Jozef Lewinkopf ( June 14, 1933 – May 3, 1991) and is a Polish-American novelist, 2-time president of American Chapter of P.E.N.
He was great friends with Peter Sellers. They shared substance abuse, depression and the film “Being There” (1979, directed by Hal Ashby) which Kosinski wrote & Sellers starred in. As a child, he had survived WWII under a false identity. He committed suicide in 1991.

© “Jerzy Kosinski” by Victor Skrebneski. 14 in x 11 11/16 in, Gelatin silver print. Museum of Contemporary photography, Chicago.