The ultimate “Eyes Wide Shut”(1999) poster !!

Many brilliant posters of Eyes Wide Shut have been made public with the distribution of the film, none as subtle as this one, in my humble opinion. Introducing polish artist Leszek Zebrowski and this poster of “Eyes Wide Shut”(1999, by S. Kubrick).
Zebrowski was born in 1950 in Gdansk and is the designer of over 350 posters, including this one. Check him out here:
I am not the author of this image, all rights go to Leszek Zebrowski.

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Last Year in Marienbad (1961) : My top 5 posters

Alain Resnais’ masterpiece “Last Year at Marienbad” (1961) is indeed one of many great works he delivered throughout the years. Along with “Hiroshima mon Amour” (1959), it is surely one of the director’s most known work.

Let us check out how the film got presented, through its posters, in France, Germany, Japan and Poland…

This first image is a poster painted by Ercole Brini (1913-1989), born in Rome, whose work ranges from Rear Window to The Bycicle Thief. His work is characterized by strong brush strokes together with a very distinct water-color style.

This Last Year in Marienbad is one of his distinguished works.

German poster: Letztes Jahr in Marienbad. Illustrated by Hans Hillmann 

German poster: Letztes Jahr in Marienbad. Illustrated by Tostmann (no mention of first name)

Japanese poster: Last Year at Marienbad (unknown illustrator)

Polish poster: Last Year at Marienbad. Illustrated by Wiktor Sadowski in 1992. 

NB- I am not the author of these images. All rights go to the artists.

Check out Alain Resnais’ concentration camp documentary, shot in 1955 in Poland, “Night & Fog”, here.

Krzysztof Kieslowski original film posters

One could say I’m very interested in design, especially film posters, which I consider, are at times, works of art in their own right.

I think Poland shines in this department. I have not examined the reasons why but I always find their visual work pretty impressive. Let’s take these 3 film posters for Krzysztof Kieslowski’s movies; they represent what was considered a good marketing strategy at the time, what the public thought was an interesting image to look at and the originality of the artist Andrzej Pagowski.
Pagowski is born in 1953 in Warsaw and started as a cartoonist and book designer while creating his advertising agency “Studio P”.


“A Short Film About Killing” (1988). Poster designed by Andrzej Pagowski in 1988. 97x68cm

“A Short Film About Love” (1988). Poster designed by Andrzej Pagowski in 1988. 97x68cm

“The Double Life of Veronique”(1991). Poster designed by Andrzej Pagowski in 1988. 97x68cm

Resnais’ documentary “Night & Fog” (1955)

© Alain Resnais’ 1955 “Night & Fog” is a 30 minute documentary cross-cuts beautiful, scenic shots of lush, green fields with images of the Holocaust.  Filmed in 1955 at several concentration camps in Poland. Definitely worth a view.