Milo Manara draw scenes from Fellini’s films

Milo Manara draw scenes from Federico Fellini’s films. “Cinema e fumetto, Federico Fellini e Milo Manara: un dialogo intenso e proficuo tra due grandi arti e due maestri italiani.” I found these images without their source, I think that they’re taken from this book: Fellini e Manara.
In order: the images are from ” Boccaccio ’70, La Dolce Vita, La Strada, and Satyricon”.
If you have a more reliable source, do leave a comment.
I am not the author of these images.
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Boccaccio '70 (Fellini) (Limited Edition Print) (Signed) art by Manara La Dolce Vita Milo Manara La Strada Milo Manara Satyricon (Fellini) by Milo Manara


Black Metal’s “Until the Light Takes Us” (2008)

© “Until the Light Takes Us”(2008) is a documentary by Aaron Aites & Audrey Ewell featuring many important Norwegian black metal musicians.

It attempts to understand the burning of churches in the country back in the 90s and its connection to Black Metal. Through interviewing and following many of the founding musicians, it investigates some aspects of the music’s aesthetics and political as well as nationalist implications.