Tribute to authors & screenwriters: Ben Hecht

 Ben Hecht (1894-1964) aka “The Shakespeare of Hollywood” is an American screenwriter, director, producer, playwright, and novelist.  He’s the first screenwriter to receive an American Academy Award for Best Screenplay (Underworld, 1927 by Josef von Sternberg).
He is also an unaccredited script doctor on countless other projects, including Gone with the Wind(1939).
To his credit are the following films: Scarface (1983), His Girl Friday (1940), The Scoundrel (1935), Wuthering Heights(1939), Notorious (1946), Monkey Business (1957), Spellbound (1947).
It has been said that he can produce a screenplay in two weeks.

© Ben Hecht, circa 1919, Culver Pictures (original photographer).