Asia Argento by Francesco Carozzini for Vogue Italia September 2013.

Asia Argento by Francesco Carozzini for Vogue Italia September 2013.
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Natascha McElhone and David Duchovny in LA Confidential.

Natascha McElhone and David Duchovny in LA Confidential Magazine, September 2012.

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Maggie Cheung, by Nick Knight, for Vogue China (2009)

Maggie Cheung Man yuk (born 20 September 1964) is a Chinese actress from Hong Kong. Maggie frequently cited her performance in the movie As Tears Go By (1988), her first of many collaborations with film director Wong Kar-wai, as the piece that truly began her serious acting career. She also starred in In The Mood For Love (2000) and 2046 (2004) among other films. Here she is, photographed by British fashion photographer Nick Knight, for Vogue China, September 2009.

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Maggie Cheung by Nick Knight for Vogue China Sep 2009 Maggie Cheung by Nick Knight for Vogue China1 Maggie Cheung for Vogue China photographed by Nick Knight, September 2009 MAGGIE CHEUNG, BY NICK KNIGHT Nick Knight

Backstage with Henri-Georges Clouzot and Picasso…

As you might already know, Henri-Georges Clouzot, french director extraordinaire, with many a brilliant work to his record, my favorite being “Le Corbeau” (1943) & “Les Diaboliques” (1956), shot a documentary about Picasso named “Le Mystere Picasso” (1956).
With his beautiful long shots, he filmed the painter creating art on glass, the works are now lost. They only exist through the film. But the two artists had met 30 years before this documentary and had discussed working together long before. Check out what was happening backstage between these two.
No photographer(s) mentioned, unless stated otherwise but all these images date back to 1956.
I am not the author of these images.
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The photo above was shot by Andre Villers_a friend and confidant of Picasso. In 1955, Clouzot filmed Picasso as he painted 20 artworks, ranging from quick sketches to widescreen color oil paintings, captured using time lapse photography. In 1984, the French