Surrealist photos of Ida Lupino

English-American actress Ida Lupino by Scotty Welbourne (1907-1979) in 1941. Scotty Welbourne replaced Elmer Fryer as department head at Warner Bros. in 1941 he started taking phtoos of the studio’s newer stars, including Ida!
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IL_SW1 IL_SW2 1941

A creature named “Alien”

Surely one of the most famous “faces” in cinema, the alien from the “Alien” franchise (1979) by Ridley Scott was created by Swiss artist, sculptor, painter and set designer Hans Ruedi Giger (1940 – ).

Using recurrent themes in his work such as body mutilation, nightmares and surrealism, Giger (along with creature-maker Carlo Rambaldi)  was the genius behind the famous film monster, inspired by his Necronomicon illustrations.
He also did the the Ghost train in the dream sequence in “Species” (1995). His work extends to music, to all KoRn fans, he is behind the famous microphone stand of the vocalist Jonathan Davis and the brilliant Celtic Frost cover “To Mega Therion” (1985) depicting the Jesus slingshot.

Here are photos of Giger with his beloved monster, all rights go to H.R Giger. ( I am not the author of these images.