Moira Shearer on the set of The Red Shoes.

Moira Shearer perfects her makeup on the set of The Red Shoes (1948).
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Check out this great portrait of Michael Powell & Emeric Pressburger !

red shoes

“The Red Shoes” Japanese posters

As part of our never-ending tribute to Japanese posters and Japanese art, I have the pleasure of presenting these lovely Japanese posters of a personal favorite film: “The Red Shoes” (1948), directed by The Archers, Powell & Pressburger. This gruesome adaptation of the Hans Christian Andersen novel, was publicized for in Japan through the following images.  (Unknown artist).
I am not th author of these images.
For a terrific portrait of The Archers, a rare one indeed, click here and for the German original posters of “The Red Shoes”, like us on Facebook here