Theo Angelopoulos and Akira Kurosawa

Here is Theo Angelopoulos together with Akira Kurosawa. Photo taken in India in 1981. The woman in the middle is Phoebe Economopoulos, the producer and wife of Angelopoulos

I am not the author of this image.

Check out Theo Angelopoulos in front of a Jean Renoir portrait right here

BLOG_Theo Angelopoulos here with Akira Kourosawa

Finally a great portrait of The Archers, Powell & Pressburger !!

They look like your grandparents, or maybe their friends, but they’re not.

Check out Michael Powell & Emeric Pressburger in this Cornel Lucas portrait, a British film photographer, born in 1920. It is not dated, but this particular print is from 1985. I had rarely seen a photo of them together that I found brilliant, until I came across this one: 

Their partnership “The Archers” dates back from 1943 and it ended in 1957. Their most brilliant cooperations are The Life and Death of Colonel Blimp (1943), A Matter of Life and Death (1946), Black Narcissus (1947) and The Red Shoes (1948). I particularly like The Tales of Hoffmann (1951).

I am not the author of this image, all rights go to Cornel Lucas

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