Sharon Stone for Vanity Fair, Spain

Sharon Stone by Norman Jean Roy for Vanity Fair Spain, 2013.

I am not the author of these images. A tribute to Sharon Stone can be found on Facebook!

Check out a sexy and leather-clad Sharon Stone in Spanish Vogue in 2009 right here

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Kate Winslet by Steven Meisel (Vanity Fair)

Kate Winslet – Steven Meisel Photoshoot 2008 for Vanity Fair. I loved her in Polanski’s Carnage!
I am not the author of these images, all rights go to Vanity Fair.
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KateWinslet_Steven-Meisel-Photoshoot-2008_Vettri.Net-01 KateWinslet_Steven-Meisel-Photoshoot-2008_Vettri.Net-02 KateWinslet_Steven-Meisel-Photoshoot-2008_Vettri.Net-03 KateWinslet_Steven-Meisel-Photoshoot-2008_Vettri.Net-04 KateWinslet_Steven-Meisel-Photoshoot-2008_Vettri.Net-05 KateWinslet_Steven-Meisel-Photoshoot-2008_Vettri.Net-06