Andy Warhol plays Batman

If you thought I won’t be posting about Batman, you’re wrong! Only it’s my kind of batman, check it out:

“In 1964 Andy Warhol produced and directed in a film entitled “Batman Dracula”. Without the permission of DC Comics, Warhol’s version is an artistic tribute coincidentally relevant to today’s infatuation with Batman and vampires. These stills were taken during a 1967 Esquire Magazine photo shoot Warhol took with German singer Nico.” Here are the photos! Scroll down for the link to the first part of the film!

I am not the author of these photos. All rights go to Esquire magazine.

This post is a generous contribution of Elie Khoury! Thank you Elie !


The name is “Loriot” !

© This photo stream is dedicated to Vicco von Bülow (1923-2011), the most celebrated German comedian, cartoonist, film director, actor and writer who went by the name of “LORIOT”.
Below you’ll find his portrait during an autograph session in 1971, another photo of him next to his famous cartoon and 2 videos from featuring 2 of his famous short film: “die Nudle” (with Evelyn Hamann) & “das Ei” (with english subtitles).
Click on them and have a good laugh!