Asia Argento by Francesco Carozzini for Vogue Italia September 2013.

Asia Argento by Francesco Carozzini for Vogue Italia September 2013.
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Anjelica Huston models for Valentino.

The life of Anjelica Huston has been the life of a diva, divided among fashion, cinema and big love stories. Anjelica was born from great artists: the great American film director John Huston and the Italian dancer Enrica Soma. We’re used to her as Morticia Adams, channeling a very gothic look with long black hair and black dresses. Therefore, let’s look back at her dressed in Valentino, photo by Gian Paolo Barbieri back in 1972. These shots are a Vogue Italia exclusive.
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AJ_72 Vogue IT Anjelica Huston in dress by Valentino, photo by Gian Paolo Barbieri, 1972 anjelica vogue 71 valentino 72