Summer break

Hey everyone, 

For the first time since I started this blog in 2012, I will be taking a break! 

See you back on August 22nd. 



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Hanin aka Kinofrau: 27 and counting, Ph.D in Film Theory & Art History in progress, from the Middle-(B)east, a specter that haunts Europe, equal-opportunity offender.

2 thoughts on “Summer break”

    1. Hey Rodion, I know I know. I changed cities and jobs and a lot of things. My coworker who has often assisted me on this blog is nowhere to be found. So I have no idea how will I continue posting. I am still an avid movie watcher and have thought about how to transform Kinoimages while remaining in contact with my audience but…I have no clue.
      What would you like (for the blog to continue as is? for another format…?)?


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