Tribute to my beloved Alexandre de Paris

Alexandre de Paris, born Louis Alexandre Raimon (1922-2008) is an undermined figure of cinema style and fashion yet a very famous French hairdresser, born and died in St-Tropez; France.
Described by Jean Cocteau as “le Sphinx de la Coiffure”, he worked with Givenchy, Lagerfeld, Chanel etc. and is the artist behind Elisabeth Taylor‘s coiffure in Cleopatra (1963) and he styled Tippie Hedren in Marnie (1964), Ava Gardner, Grace Kelly, Romy Schneider, Greta Garbo etc.

As the creator of the “chignon” hairstyle, his contribution is not negligible and yet very few comprehensive tribute pages for him exist online, not a lot of photos too. Here’s what I was able to gather, as a gesture of appreciation of this genius, showing that there’s nothing minor about his work, only real chef-d’oeuvres of inspiration and creativity. His salons and apprentices are widespread in Paris.

Here’s a portrait of him and then 2 photos with Elisabeth Taylor and finally the logo that his friend, Jean Cocteau, made for him.


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