James Fox: 3 portraits. 2 photographers.

James Fox (1939- ) is born in England.You probably know him from Joseph Losey’s “The Servant” (1963) in which he played Tony, the aristocrat who hired Dirk Bogarde. He was also Chas in “Performance” (1970) with Mick Jagger.

But did you know Fox left the acting profession for nine years (1970-1979) after he filmed Performance (1970)? A combination of his father’s recent death, the strain of filming and smoking the hallucinogen DMT with Mick Jagger led to a nervous breakdown. Fox subsequently joined a religious organisation known as “The Navigators” which is similar to the Gideons and is closely associated with the ministry of Billy Graham. Let’s check out these  3 portraits of him.What a face!

For some (rare) photos from The Servant, click here.

James Fox by Sandra Lousada
modern bromide print from an original negative, 1961.
All rights reserved.

James Fox, by John Stoddart

James Fox, by John Stoddart

Copyright notice: All rights are reserved, all images are copyright John Stoddart © 2012.

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