Rita Hayworth supports Chesterfield cigarettes

So the fixation on smoking has reached the film industry not too long ago: The CDC (Center for Disease Control) released a statement in 2009 saying that 54% of the popular films that came out had smoking in them (oh no! The horror!) and were still rated PG-13, darn it! 
Since 1991, Hollywood started keeping track of how often smoking and cigarettes are represented in films. 2005 was a peak year. Since then, the crime of smoking, even on-screen has dropped. The CDC is actually hoping for some censorship by the MPAA (Motion Picture Association of America) and hoping to rate movies with smoking scenes in them as “R”. Impressive! 

On this note, I’d like to present to you these lovely ads featuring RITA HAYWORTH in support of Chesterfield. The latter were also Humphrey Bogart’s favorite cigarettes. 

NB – For a GREAT documentary on the rating system in the US and censorship, check this out here

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